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  1. dice:

    Tim Sigle is a great leader and neighborhood consensus builder.

  2. Warren Wood dice:

    In addition to his activity and participation in his neighborhood organization, Tim is a leader in our city-wide Palm Springs Neighborhood Involvement Committee in a variety of responsibilities and leadership roles. He shares his Nextdoor posts with city and nearby neighborhood organizations who use them in their individual email newsletters as well as with their individual Nextdoor Neighborhoods. We borrow information from him and pass it on throughout our very active community. Thanks, Tim!

  3. Sandy Hicks dice:

    The greatest person, every neighborhood needs! Deserving of the good neighbor award!!!

  4. Farrell Kenimer dice:


  5. Tom Sperduto dice:

    Tim is 150 % for the community he lives in (Movie Colony East) the 13 or so nearby neighborhoods and the entire community at large. He works at the highest levels of government keeping us apprised of major issues, events etc. and works down at the individual level helping people with their specific needs. He does not understand what the word no means when being asked for help. He singularly brought to life in our community and has never tired despite the many, many hours he puts in on our behalf. I cannot think of a more deserving person for this award. He is not one major event worthy but worth for all he does every single day, plus major events.

  6. Jess Reyes dice:

    I am a living witness to how Tim as a neighbor. He is very selfless. He would drive around the city to take pictures of graffiti, broken water pipes…
    anything and everything that needs attention. He would pick up cartons at the middle of neighborhood so accidents would be avoided. On his own initiative, he would regularly check on vacant houses to make sure that nobody robs or vandalizes the house. He became the Movie Colony East President. He’s the one that introduced NEXTDOOR.COM to Palm Springs. He is very active in updating his neighbors about current events. He attends the Palm Springs City Council Meetings whenever he is free. He supports the animal shelter in his own little way. He has soft spot for the homeless people. One time, he saw a homeless man walking barefooted, he immediately bought a pair of slippers and gave it to the man and gave him a few bucks, enough for him to buy something to eat. Tim Sigle… the best neighbor that anyone can have.

  7. Tim Sigle dice:

    Thank You Palm Springs and my neighborhood Movie Colony East for this Nomination. If I win I plan on spending all the money $2000. on charities here in Palm Springs. I will ask the neighbors for their ideas on who to donate it to as well.
    Here are some I am thinking about.
    Well in the desert (Feeding and Caring for the homeless)
    Palm Springs Animal Shelter (Caring for the animals that need homes)
    Meals on Wheels (Taking food to people stuck in their homes and with not enough money to eat 3 meals a day)
    The LGBT Centers Food Bank (Helping the poor in our area so they have enough to eat)
    Roy’s Resource Center (Also a group the helps the homeless and trains them to get back on their feet.)
    Pay for PS High school kids that are 18 yrs old to take the CERT training. (Help High School Students learn what to do in the event of an emergency.)

    I know I am not the only person in Palm Springs that deserves to win this award. If I win it is for all the people that volunteer and do acts of kindness as good neighbors.

  8. Hilary dice:

    Tim not only contributes to his neighborhood, but to the whole city. I met him in the grocery store and he invited me to join Next Door, and I am very grateful to have met him and to be involved. Palm Springs is a better place because of Tim. He is friendly and hard-working and truly deserves this award. He even worked last week when his father passed. He kept in close contact even though he was thousands of miles away. He sent out a plea to have proper representation at our city council meeting in his absence. This is just one small example of his efforts. Thanks, Tim. You earned it!

  9. Tim Sigle dice:

    Thank You, Paul, Warren, Sandy, Farrell, Tom, Jess, and Hilary for all your nice words. I love doing things for my neighbors that appreciate it.

  10. Norm Berman dice:

    Good Job Tim
    You got my vote
    Norm B

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